Day 78 - Corn Palace, Jolly Green Giant and a Border Crossing

Day 78 – Friday

Oops! I forgot to mention our little side trip yesterday to the Mitchell, SD Corn Palace. About a mile off the freeway lies this amazing corn clad edifice. Check out the pics and video they can speak for themselves.

Mitchell Corn Palace Corn Palace Boots

We didn’t unhook Kodi last night so getting on the road this morning was a breeze. We got back on Hwy 90 and started East again. It wasn’t too long before we were making another border crossing our 18th so far. Further down the road not long before heading north to St. Paul we stopped off for lunch in the small farming town of Blue Earth.

Crossing John and Giant

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher in a town Blue Earth where you could know all the families in town and where the biggest event each week was the varsity football game. Blue Earth to our surprise did have one really big thing going for it. It appeared to be home to the one and only Jolly Green Giant. Who would have thought?

Anyhow as you can imagine we had to meet the big guy and hopefully catch up with his little buddy Sprout. Check out the video from our rendezvous with this incredible duo.

The last stretch of road towards East St. Paul was a horrible single lane construction fiasco that tested my nerves and my trailer towing ability. Man was I glad when that was over. We ended up finding a great RV park in Woodbury (East St. Paul). With plenty of shade and nice large spots this place was a winner. We did a fair bit of laundry once we were parked and just got our wits about us after the crazy drive

We met Kam’s cousins just a few miles away for dinner. When we pulled up Tim was already home from work and gave us the grand tour of the place before Erin and the kids came home. Kam and I had fun playing with the kids Maggie, Julia and Aiden when they got home. Tim and I took Julia and Aiden with us on a quick grocery run and I carried Julia through the super market with her princess dress on. LOL. Aiden was a little unsure about this guy with the bearded face but Julia took to me, most likely because I resembled a dwarf from her movies.

Dinner was delicious and it was great getting to catch up with Erin and Tim. The kids were hilarious and it was comforting to know that having babies around didn’t mean 24/7 chaos. It was fun hanging out with them and once the young ones were tucked in the adults and Maggie stayed up to watch a Teevo’d version of Dancing with the Stars.

Maggie and Kamrin Kam with Tim and Erin

Maggie was a whiz. She knew every dancers name, what their best dance was and was on Tim any time a commercial came up to hit that Teevo button. C’mon dad. When it was finally her bed time, and she could sense it was time to go, she throws this gem out “So…Tell me about your day Mommy”. LOL LOL we all cracked up. Nice try Maggie but we know you’re stalling.

We had some nice adult conversation when Maggie went to sleep and by the time we left it was after 11pm. Whew what a day - but what a blast visiting family.

I don’t remember going to sleep. I think I was asleep the second we left their house. Glad the Fox could find his way back to Kodi.

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