We’re BACK……

We’re back on the road - well Murphy our 90 pound lab and I are on the road. The girls, Kamrin and Keltin, are joining us in a few days after the hard driving is done.

We are going to be hitting up the states in New England and then off to NE Canada. Woot!

Day 83 - Kam tours the Hershey Chocolate Factory and her first solo video post.

Day 82 - Heading to Hershey Pennsylvania

Day 81 - Goodbye Wilmette - hello Ohio

Day 80 - German Haus, WI - Willamette, IL and last BBQ

Day 79 - Doing St. Paul with friends.

Day 78 - Corn Palace, Jolly Green Giant and a Border Crossing

Day 77 - Mount Rushmore - Badlands - South Dakota

Day 76 - East from Jackson through WY and into SD

Day 75 - Lake Taggart - Hidden Falls - Jenny Lake - Grand Teton National Park